Submit Prediction Job

On page 'Predict', upload a PDB file and other required information in the job submission form.
  • PDB file: 1AVX.pdb
  • Chain 1: A
  • Chain 2: B
  • Mutation: RB563G
  • Email:
Format Explanation:
  • PDB file: wildtype PDB file that you want to run the prediction
  • Chain 1: identifier for first chain (alphanumeric)
  • Chain 2: identifier for second chain (alphanumeric)
  • Mutation: <wildtype amino acid><chain ID><residue number><mutant amino acid>
If the submission is successful, you will be shown a page similar to the following:

Job List

The prediction job is put in the job list and your job has been assigned a unique ID (shown in Figure 2) for you to track its status. The job may wait in the list until all previous jobs are done. You will be notified by an email when your job is done.

Prediction Result

All the finished results from last 7 days can be viewed on page 'Result History'. A link for each prediction result will lead you to the detailed result page. The link will be provided in the notification email for your prediction job. On the detailed result page, you can see:
  • Summary of prediction job
  • 2-class and 3-class prediction with likelihood scores
  • Side-by-side protein structures for submitted wildtype and predicted mutation